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ANSI II Approved Vests

Construction crews are, too often, like bowling pins awaiting a haphazard motorist. They spend much of their time along well-traversed thoroughfares, in dim lighting, however, reflective orange vests allow construction crews to be visible, even to haphazard drivers.

American National Standard Institute (ANSI) II approved safety vests offer high visibility, regardless of manufacturer, because ANSI approved vests adhere to protocols for the production of highly visible road construction habiliments.

Construction crews must wear High Visibility Personal Protection Equipment (HV-PPE) while on site. The ANSI II approved high-visibility safety vests meet OSHA and MUTCD standards for onsite visibility. According to a letter published by the Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission (OSHA), section 5(a)(1) of the Occupational Safety and Health Act requires road crews to wear high-visibility garments onsite, this sentiment is echoed by the Manual on Unified Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). American National Standard Institute II approved vests fulfill the requirements set forth by both OSHA and the MUTCD.

The ANSI approves a schema of 3 successively more visible neon vests. Each vest, in this sequence, offers greater visibility by increased surface area of the reflective material. The ANSI II approved vest is adorned with over 200 square inches of reflective material, the reflective material is affixed to 775 square inches of high visibility yellow or orange. These vests are most effective in slow-moving work zones, where vehicles move at speeds of less than 50 MPH.

However, the ANSI II approved vest falls short of the ANSI III approved vest, a vest worn for visibility in blizzards and other severe weather conditions. The ANSI III approved vest possesses over 300 square inches of reflective material and resembles a T-shirt, it’s the largest of the ANSI approved reflective habiliments.

The ANSI II approved vest was conceived with road crews in mind and conforms to the highest unified standards for a reflective habiliment. These reflective habiliments have saved many lives by increasing visibility. The ANSI II approved high visibility vest is well suited for road work in controlled traffic situations – work zones in which traffic moves at less than 50 MPH. Moreover, these garments may be purchased inexpensively.

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