Open Space Design

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Homes aren’t getting bigger, but Architects and Interior Designers are working together to cause the illusion of a larger home. Open spaces tend to lessen anxiety make rooms more inviting.
Although there’s been a buzz about Microarchitecture, a design principal most likely borrowed from computing, this year’s focus will be on open spaces. According to, a fundamental element of contemporary home design is open space. Expect to see less wasted space such as small rooms and more kitchens that open into dining areas, during 2018.

It’s not that contemporary design intends to consume more space, it’s not possible with urban sprawl causing an upward trend in land value. Currently, informs Zillow, US homes cost an average of $150 per square foot, and so Architects intend to create the illusion of space by reducing walls. Open space allows for the house to be perceived as larger. Larger spaces, for most, reduce anxiety.
Many homeowners are stuck with small rooms, especially bedrooms. It’s suggested, by the Huffington Post, to create the illusion of open space by purchasing a bed riser. Bed risers lift the bed and allow for usable space beneath.

It’s said that the kitchen is the heart of the house. Kitchens are becoming the center of household life, a center island adds a social aspect to entertaining guests in the room that once was primarily for cooking. Opening this space makes for an inviting atmosphere, much like considering the purchase of a bed riser, the homeowner must get creative to give the illusion of an openly designed kitchen.

The goal of architecture used to be to create a boundary between the outside and inside. However, this boundary is being broken. According to MLL Design Lab, the Architect Alessandro Rocca states that nature can be exposed via design. This exposure combats the notion that architecture merely shelters us from nature. Many home designers are borrowing concepts from Biomimetic Design, a theory of design that mimics or includes elements of the natural world. Moreover, some homeowners are going as far as creating bare earth living spaces.

Despite the fringe art micro spaces, homeowners are striving to create open spaces. These open spaces are inviting and cause calmness. For many of us stuck in small space, innovation is key: kitchens get center islands and bed risers are installed in bedrooms. When all else fails, (safely) tear down a wall or two and decorate with light colors.

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